Starkey Hearing Foundation: Phase 4 of Our Community-Based Hearing HealthCare Model

Starkey Hearing Foundation is excited to announce an additional phase to its Community-Based Hearing HealthCare Model!

Phase 4 is a new offshoot of the existing 3 Phase program and is aimed at providing children with the opportunity to learn how to listen and speak.

In Phase 4, we identify children with lesser degrees of hearing loss and help develop their communication skills with the goal of getting them to a level where they are able to be mainstreamed into a normal-hearing classroom. The Starkey Hearing Foundation team teaches children who present with a profound hearing loss, basic communication skills in conjunction with sign language (Larsen et al, 2016). Enhancing their ability to interact with and be part of their communities.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation team also provides training to teachers and parents. Both teachers and parents are supported by the local SHF staff as well as local speech-language pathologists. The team conducts school visits and advises teachers as needed. Parents are educated and supported on areas like hearing loss, hearing aids and speech and listening at home (Larsen et al, 2016). Helping them to better communicate with their children at home, which in turn helps develop their child’s overall ability to communicate.

Phase 4 forms an integral part of the overall goal of the SHF model, to efficiently and effectively provide continuous and sustainable change on a mass level.

By helping people out of the isolation of a silent world, we aim to inspire those who receive the gift of hearing to become more active members of society and to increase the positive effect on the future of our world.

If you would like to help support the missions the Starkey Hearing Foundation undertakes, you can do so by donating your old hearing aids to your local Audiology Clinic. Find out who is closest to you hereWe accept hearing aids regardless of age, make or model. These hearing aids will be salvaged for parts to build new hearing aids to be used on future missions.


You can also donate directly to the Foundation here.


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