Thrive FAQs

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I get smartphone compatible hearing aids with Thrive Hearing app technology?
    To purchase smartphone compatible hearing aids with the Thrive Hearing app, schedule an appointment with your local hearing healthcare professional.
  2. How do smartphone compatible hearing aids connect with the Thrive Hearing app?
    Together, our smartphone compatible hearing aids and Thrive Hearing app are designed to deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever by providing seamless connectivity with your favorite digital devices and wireless accessories.
  3. What languages are included in the Language Translation feature?
    Easily communicate with people who speak other languages via the easy-to-use translation tool in the Thrive app.
    Choose from among these 27 languages:
    Arabic Greek Polish
    Chinese Hebrew Portuguese
    Czech Hindi Romanian
    Danish Hungarian Russian
    Dutch Indonesian Slovak
    English Italian Spanish
    Finnish Japanese Swedish
    French Korean Thai
    German Norwegian Bokmal Turkish
    Only available with Apple® devices and Livio® AI hearing aids. Requires an internet connection.
  4. Does Fall Alert contact my doctor or emergency services?
    No, Fall Alert notifications are merely a tool that may assist in communicating certain information to one or more third-party contacts the user has identified. The Thrive app does not communicate with emergency services or provide emergency assistance in any way and is not a substitute for contacting professional emergency services. The operation of the Thrive app’s fall-detection features depends on wireless connectivity for both the user and the user’s designated contact(s), and the feature will not successfully deliver a message if Bluetooth® or cellular connectivity is lost or interrupted at any point in the communication pathway. Connectivity can be lost under a number of circumstances, such as: a paired mobile device is out of range of the hearing aid(s) or otherwise loses connectivity with the hearing aid(s); the hearing aids or mobile device are not turned on or sufficiently powered; a mobile device is in airplane mode; a mobile device malfunctions; or if bad weather interrupts a mobile device’s network connectivity.
  5. Is the Fall Alert feature a regulated medical device?
    No, the Fall Alert feature is designed and distributed as a General Wellness product. The Fall Alert feature is not designed or in any way intended to detect, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or particular, medical condition and is not targeted to any specific or particular population. Rather, the Fall Alert feature is designed only to detect that a user may have fallen and try to send a text message in response to such an event, in support of the user’s general health.

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