Preview of the New Free-To-Client Z Series i20

On the 1st November Starkey will release a new Z Series Free-To-Client range to accompany the 3 Series 30/i30. The new i20 range will offer three BTE and two custom models – all with 900sync wireless technology. The new products will be available with a Surflink Remote Control option, will offer binaural user control synchronisation and be wirelessly programmable.

The four channel instruments will offer InVision Directionality on the BTE’s and a matrix of up to 120/60 on the ITC and ITEs. All will feature the 16 band PureWave Feedback Eliminator. 

The new products will be accompanied by a completely new version of Inspire fitting software – Inspire X. Designed to support future products, the look and feel is similar to the current software but with a more modern approach and easier navigation. Contact us now to request an early copy of Inspire X before its general release.


User Interface Enhancements

Inspire X is our next generation fitting software providing better control and counseling tools. Inspire X features a fresh, new look that includes:

• New Icons and Color Scheme used throughout all software screens:

      • Blue selection represents active/enabled software feature.

      • Memory tool bar provides clear visibility and adjustment to currently programmed environment.

      • Top toolbar command icons make it easier to navigate [Figure 1]

• Left Navigation Bar organization has been improved [Figure 2]:

      • Interface screens are grouped under four categories: Pre-Fitting, Get Started, Fitting and Advanced Tools categories lead through the Patient Journey.

      • Software feature names have been updated to generic terminology. 

Inspire X software 1


Pre-Fitting allows access to a variety of hearing aid selection and counseling tools. Pre- Fitting features a comprehensive set of tools that includes:

Inspire Online offers quick access to the latest QuickTIPS and product updates.

Simulate Products contains a catalog of hearing aids available and allows for selection of hearing aid(s) circuit, styles, options, user controls, memories and matrix to simulate [Figure 3].

Order and Service launches the eStore to order hearing aids, custom receivers and earmolds or launches the Service Request Form to process repairs, returns for credit or color exchanges.

Hearing Loss Simulator demonstrates the effects of the patient’s hearing loss using a variety of sounds and his/her audiogram or audiometric presets. 

Get Started

Get Started is the default screen that welcomes you to Inspire. The screen displays information about the detected hearings and provides options for working with the aids. In addition, audiograms can be viewed and maintained via the Noah or PatientBase database [Figure 4]

Inspire X software 2


Fitting programs the patient’s hearing aid(s) using a variety of adjustment and features screens to precisely fit the hearing aid(s) based on the patient’s lifestyle and desires. Fitting screens with updated user interface include:

QuickFit makes simple and quick adjustments to Occlusion Control, Low Frequency Gain, High Frequency Gain, Overall Gain and Output. New tab offers easy access to Fine Tuning.

Fine Tuning makes discrete, frequency- and level-specific adjustments to Channels and Maximum Output. New tabs offer quick access to Table and Slider view, QuickFit and FineTuning and MPO and CR. Click on a frequency or range to access adjustment control. Screen may be enlarged using new expand and collapse function using arrows in lower left of adjustment controls [Figure 5].

User Control and Feedback Canceller provides easier access to personalized adjustments via Left Navigation Bar.

Memories groups adjustments into Phone, Loop and DAI options and allows for programming of microphone attenuation. Additional Configuration Options such as Copy, Move and Link functions.

Indicators sets and adjusts the signals that inform the patient of hearing aid status and allows for selection of language for speech indicators. Click on a specific indicator to Play the signal in the hearing aid or demo through the computer. New interface makes adjustment of all interactors easier than ever [Figure 6].

Fitting Summary provides a quick visual overview of the fitting session. Click on details to return to adjustment screens. 

Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools allows access to a variety of hearing aid troubleshooting tools. Advanced Tools features a comprehensive set of tools that includes Audiometer, Expert Assistant, Hearing Aid Test, SoundPoint, Speech Mapping and Verify Comfort [Figure 7]

Inspire X software 3

By Bruce Brown