Hearing aid warranty, returns and repair

A guide to help you with hearing aid warranty questions and where to donate when you're ready for an upgrade.

Warranty plans

Any reputable hearing professional will provide at least a 30-day guarantee for your hearing aids. Remember it often takes four months to realise the full benefit of new hearing aids, so don’t give up. Ask for help from your hearing professional, follow their treatment plan and look for small improvements every day.

All new Starkey hearing aids carry limited warranty coverage that includes:

  • Repair due to internal component failure
  • Repairable external damage
  • Remakes due to improper fitt

Please contact your hearing health provider for more details about your warranty plan.

Returns and exchanges

All new hearing aids come with a 30-day trial period at minimum. The hearing professional you purchase them from will have precise details. All returns or exchanges should be handled through them.


If your hearing aids aren’t performing at their peak, some simple troubleshooting might solve the issue. If a repair is in order, contact the hearing professional you purchased them from to initiate and arrange.

Recycle or donate

To recycle your hearing aid please see your hearing professional who can recycle or donate it to a charity.

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