Apple IOS 9 Adds iPhone Ringtones to Halo Hearing Aids

With the release of IOS 9, iPhone users will now be notified of an incoming call via streaming of the iPhone’s ringtone to the Halo hearing aids. If different ringtones are assigned to specific callers, the ringtone indicates who is calling. 

IOS 9 also improves the sound quality of streamed audio for the iPhone 5 model family.

Audio routing options are now selectable allowing the wearer to choose the preferred routing for streaming phone calls and audio. The choices are: “always to the hearing aids”, “never to the hearing aids” and “automatic”. 

TruLink Audio

Automatic will route audio to a connected Bluetooth audio device (such as in-car audio), if not available, audio will then be routed to the hearing aids. This feature is configured via the IOS 9 Hearing Aids screen (within the “Accessibility” section of “General” settings).

By Bruce Brown