Upgrade Your Wireless Connection with 900sync

Stop for just a minute to think about the best part of your day. What made you happy? Chances are the best part of your day was connecting with someone or something you love. Perhaps you heard your favorite song on your way to work or maybe you had a chance to catch up with an old friend over the phone. Maybe you were able to enjoy a little downtime watching your favorite TV show in front of a cozy fireplace. Did you know that wireless connectivity could enhance each of those listening experiences? Wireless connectivity in hearing aids allows music, phone calls and television to be streamed directly to your hearing aids. The possibilities are endless; almost any audio source can be streamed directly into the hearing aids without interference or background noise.

Wireless connectivity allows wearers to do more with hearing aids and makes challenging listening situations easier. Check out some of the exciting features in our new 900sync Technology:

  • Phone: Streaming audio directly to your hearing aids will make conversations on the phone easier. Wireless advancements connect and stream sound directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to listen and understand the conversation in both ears at the appropriate level programmed to correct your hearing loss.
  • Television: Understanding your favorite TV show can be challenging with hearing loss but it doesn’t have to be. You can enjoy your favorite show with clarity and without disturbing anyone else around you since the audio can be streamed directly to your hearing aids. If you and your loved one can’t agree on which show to watch, you can watch different programs without hearing each other's show volume.
  • Noise: Noisy restaurants, parties and sporting events do not have to be challenging. 900sync offers a brand-new, next-generation radio inside every Z Series hearing aid, allowing wearers to stream audio at distances up to 15 feet.

With 900sync, developers increased the sensitivity of the receiver and the transmit power to boost the usability range. What does that mean for you as a hearing aid wearer? Transmit power describes the strength of a broadcasted signal, and increased transmit power increases usability. Add to that an increased usability range (15 feet), which ensures reverberant environments and interference will not disrupt the transmission power of the signal. Simply stated, the strength of the signal, or the loudness level the user hears, will not be affected by background noise. The increased strength also offers a more reliable communication and connection to SurfLink Mobile, which is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer and hearing aid remote control all rolled into one. Additionally, communication between the devices means that a programming change, like a change in volume, initiated on one hearing aid automatically transmits to the other.

Hearing your best connects you to the things you love. Challenging listening environments are often barriers to better hearing, but they are made easier with 900sync Technology. Make 2015 the year you choose to reconnect with the people and the things you love. Listen to a demonstration of 900sync Technology here and schedule an appointment with your hearing professional to try them for yourself!

By Beth McCormick