The Results are In!

Last week was Hearing Awareness Week, a week that aims to eliminate the stigma, isolation, lack of work opportunities, and the associated health issues to improve the overall quality of life for people with deafness or hearing loss. We held a Starkey Staff Hearing Event to support Hearing Awareness week to promote the important message of this campaign. 

Now the results of the Hearing tests are in! Of the 33 staff tested 76% had normal hearing, 15% had early signs of noise induced loss, and 9% had hearing impairment.

Everyone at Starkey plays an important role in helping individuals with hearing differences who are on their journey to better hearing, reconnect with loved ones and reconnect with the world around them. The goal of this event was to raise awareness of how important hearing health is to an individual and to gain insight into what the assessment process is for a patient in the clinic.  As one of our staff said after having her hearing checked

“As a 47 year old, I was quite surprised to find that I had slight hearing loss in one ear. Not enough of a loss to warrant getting a hearing aid but I will definitely keep an eye on it and get my hearing checked again.”

Often described as the ‘invisible disability’, those affected are often isolated through lack of access to communications.  By understanding the process and gaining an insight into what patients might be feeling when they come to a clinic we are better able to help them.  Peita Gassner, one of our Customer Relations team, summed it up well

“with a better understanding of the process, I will be better equipped to assist our customers at the clinics deliver a higher level of service to their patients.”
Hearing Awareness Week

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