Introducing Angela Soor

Angela is one of our newest recruits to the Starkey Team.  We asked her to tell us a little more about herself, so here she is in her own words.


Angela Soor Starkey
I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Angela Soor. I am the new Regional Sales Manager for Starkey Australia where I will be providing support to clinics across Queensland and Western Australia.

When I completed my A-level studies and began to consider my options for university, I decided that I wanted to have a fulfilling career that would allow me to help others. To me, helping individuals with a hearing impairment to hear is the greatest gift in life and enlightening.

I attended the University of Leeds and studied BSc (Hons) Audiology. This allowed me to practice as a qualified audiologist, specialising in diagnostics and rehabilitation. I spent my time working in the UK for the National Health Service (NHS) where I also managed hearing aid repair clinics and trained students in preparation for their audiology practical examinations.

After two years working in the NHS, my husband was offered a fantastic opportunity to relocate to Sydney which we gladly accepted. I saw this as a very exciting time to progress within my audiology career and develop my experience, as well as knowledge, even further.

I started working within industrial deafness, travelling across New South Wales. I felt that my audiology experience could contribute greatly to not only patients or clients, but also clinicians. I saw a great opportunity within Starkey and I am looking forward to building a career with such a highly reputable company. I feel proud to say I work for Starkey, a company that also recognises the need to support those in need of hearing assistance. The voluntary work they conduct through the Starkey Hearing Foundation is amazing. In fact, a friend of mine working in Cambodia recently told me he met William Austin (Founder, Owner and CEO) and said he really is the nicest man you will ever meet.

Moving to a new country that we had never visited before has been very exciting. I have been fortunate to experience so many new things and look forward to seeing more in my travels across the country.  

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