Starkey Gets Loud to Support Deaf Kids

Starkey Australia staff will step out in fancy stripes, florals, polka dots or paisley full of colour and pizzazz over a morning tea on Friday 16th October in support of Loud Shirt Day.  Head over to our Facebook page to check out the clash of colours!

Loud Shirt Day is a positive fundraising campaign raising money to help give the gift of sound and speech to deaf children. Starkey Australia will also be contributing through a donation to this wonderful cause.

To learn more, or offer your own donation, just register at Loud Shirt Day. All funds raised go to First Voice Centre in your state and will open doors to better education and employment choices, social integration with the hearing world and the chance to contribute to their community. All First Voice centres receive only a portion of their funding from state and federal governments, and rely heavily on corporate and community support and fundraising to raise the funds necessary to deliver intensive therapy services to those families that need them.

Interested in learning Australian sign language?

Look no further! #SignFor Change is a new learning series designed to promote cultural awareness, understanding and advocacy.  The series includes videos and blog posts related to issues that impact the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other related communities in Australia and beyond. 

We hope this series will expose you to new concepts, expand your perspective and ultimately help to narrow the gap that currently exists between the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Audiology communities. 
You can get involved by sharing your thoughts using the hashtag #signforchange.  So, if you would like to learn some Australian Sign Language check out the “Auslan Sign of the Day” videos on the website. Here is a taster of the Auslan alphabet to get you started. 


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