Get Ready for Windows 10!

The Starkey Hearing Technologies Software Engineers have been thoroughly testing Inspire with Noah software, and PatientBase with the pre-release version of Windows 10. We have also tested it with NOAHlink, TruLink, SurfLink, and USB HiPro programming interfaces.

The testing has gone very well, and we have not found many issues.  The Team of Software Engineers will of course test again when the official Windows 10 release is available.  Our official testing should be complete within 2 weeks of the Windows 10 release.

If you are using computer based audiological equipment, we recommend that you check with the manufacturer to see when they will be Windows 10 ready.

To avoid potential issues, please avoid upgrading to Windows 10 until you have checked with all the manufacturers you work with to ensure their software offers Windows 10 support.

For further information, please contact Starkey Product & Technical Support on 1800 024 985.

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