APAC Starkey Hearing Foundation: After-Care Report Bali

Our APAC Starkey Hearing Foundation team were back in Bali in February, to follow up on Phase 3 of our WFA Community-Based Hearing Health Care approach.


Here’s what Phase 3 Aftercare follow up involves:

-          Provide ongoing monthly aftercare services giving patients access to additional care including: counselling, batteries, and free services to repair or replace hearing aids when needed

-          Monitor and evaluate program and team

-          Provide ongoing education for the program team and community-based healthcare workers

-          Identify new hearing aids candidates for future missions

-          Collect data


See the infographic below to find out how the team went.




If you would like to help support the missions the Starkey Hearing Foundation undertakes, you can do so by donating your old hearing aids to your local Audiology Clinic. Find out who is closest to you here. We accept hearing aids regardless of age, make or model. These hearing aids will be salvaged for parts to build new hearing aids to be used on future missions.


You can also donate directly to the Foundation here.

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