Livio AI included in Wall Street Journal’s “Best of CES 2019”

Did you know that during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)— “the world’s gathering place for next-generation consumer technologies” —Starkey caught the attention of the attendees and the media with its breakthrough advancements for Livio® AI, the world’s first hearing with 3D sensors and artificial intelligence.

Here’s a sampling of what was written and said about Livio AI:

"Best of CES 2019: The Craziest and Coolest New Technologies That Might Even Matter"

  • The Wall Street Journal

"Livio AI hearing aids are now as smart as most wearables"

  • Engadget

"Video: First look at Starkey’s Livio AI iPhone-connected hearing aid, now with fall detection"

  • 9to5Mac

"Best Wearable Tech from CES 2019"

  • TechCo

"Livio AI hearing aids get fall detection, and voice assistant"

  • Slash Gear

"CES 2019: Starkey’s new hearing aid doubles as an activity tracker"

  • Gadgets & Wearables

Want to learn more about Livio AI or try it for yourself? Find a trusted hearing aid centre near you.

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