Completely in canal hearing aids

At Starkey, we supply CIC hearing aids in Australia to people who are looking to live their lives to the fullest. You can view our range of CIC hearing aids online, right here on our website. Discover more in the FAQs below — or schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional to discover more. 


What are CIC hearing aids? 

Completely in the canal hearing aids — or CIC hearing aids for short — are a type of hearing aid designed to be as discreet as possible. By sitting directly within the ear canal, they’re almost invisible to the untrained eye, allowing you to go about your day without anyone realising that you’re wearing a hearing aid. They also offer a number of other advantages, such as being less susceptible to picking up wind noise. They’re usually most effective for mild to moderate hearing loss. 

How do I insert a CIC hearing aid? 

When you first get a CIC hearing aid, it will likely take you a bit of practice to properly insert it at first. Make sure it’s properly inserted into the canal and not hanging loose towards the entry hole to your ear; you may need to wiggle it a little to make sure that it’s fitting comfortably and won’t dislodge. 

How do I remove a CIC hearing aid? 

Removing CIC hearing aids is relatively straightforward; attached to the end of the device is a small but stable handle, moulded from clear plastic. It looks somewhat like an antenna. Just grip this and gently pull it out of your ear, being careful not to go too quickly. 

I’m being fitted for CIC hearing aids for the first time; what should I expect? 

Whether you’ve had hearing aids for years or it’s your first time being fitted for a pair, hearing aids always have their own quirks and CIC digital hearing aids are no exception. Due to their small size, CIC hearing aids tend to exclude a number of features that may be found on other models, such as volume control or directional speakers. However, for many people, they more than make up for this, simply by being so discreet. 

Can I use CIC hearing aids for severe hearing loss?

Typically a CIC hearing aid is best suited to mild to moderate hearing loss. Hearing aid technology is continually advancing but at this point in time, larger devices are usually better suited for severe hearing loss due to the increased amplification and battery life required. 

Where can I find CIC digital hearing aids in Australia?  

Starkey supplies a range of CIC hearing aids. You can find out more by scheduling an appointment with a hearing care professional. 

Can children wear CIC digital hearing aids?

Yes. Children who have been diagnosed with hearing difficulties may be self-conscious about the need to wear hearing aids; accordingly opting for more discreet hearing aids can be a great way for them to feel more self-confidence while still benefiting from being able to hear better. 

However, it’s more common to wait for their teenage years to fit them; this is because children tend to grow at quite a rapid rate. This includes their ear canals — a device purchased a year or two prior may suddenly be far too small and no longer carrying out its role efficiently. 

How long can rechargeable CIC hearing aids last? 

CIC hearing aids can last for a number of years, as long as they’re properly maintained and have their batteries recharged or replaced regularly. However, it’s important to regularly get check-ups with your hearing health professional, to ensure that they’re still meeting your needs; they can monitor for any signs of deterioration and help ensure that you’re getting the best possible care for your hearing.

By Starkey Australia