Cleaning your hearing aids

Likely to get a bit dirty and waxy in your ears, it’s important that you are regularly cleaning your hearing aids. Not only does cleaning your hearing aids keep them from getting damaged, but it is also good for your ear health. A damaged hearing aid can end up costing you a lot of money and time, so clean your hearing aids properly to save yourself from having to visit the hearing clinic more often than necessary and instead, spend your time doing — and hearing — the things you truly enjoy. 

Now, for those wondering how often a hearing aid should be cleaned and exactly how and what to clean hearing aids with, this blog will explain how often, when and the best way to clean hearing aid domes. 

How to clean wax out of hearing aids

The ears are naturally a moist and waxy environment, which is why getting into the habit of cleaning your hearing aids daily will increase their overall lifespan and maximise the investment you made in your hearing. Here is a set-by-step guide to properly clean your hearing aids every day:

  • Cleaning your hearing aids before bed — Helping to dry and harden any ear wax residue, place your hearing aids into a hearing aid drying box overnight. Remember to open the battery doors on your hearing aids before you place them in the dryer and to store your dryer in somewhere safe from pets or children who could accidentally knock over your dryer and damage your hearing aids.
  • Cleaning your hearing aids each morning — After a full night in the dryer, remove your hearing aids and gently brush the receiver and microphone with a soft toothbrush — ensuring you don’t brush the ear wax further into these parts. Then, using the specific hearing aid cleaning tools that came with your device, such as the small pick or loop, clean the vent areas.

Important tips for keeping your hearing aids clean

It may seem logical to use water or another everyday cleaning liquid to clean your hearing aids, but any liquid besides the prescribed hearing aid cleaning solution can cause serious damage. If, for whatever reason, your hearing aids get wet, remove them, open the battery doors and place them in your drying box as soon as possible. 

For those who have hearing aids with wax guards, it’s important to periodically replace them with new, clean ones to keep your ears healthy and your hearing aids in pristine condition.

Get yourself the correct hearing aid cleaning tools today

If you’re looking to buy the correct tools, dryers and solutions to keep your hearing aids clean and your ears healthy, find a hearing health expert near you today. 

For more useful tips and guides for keeping your hearing aids in the best condition or for doing basic hearing aid maintenance, we have a plethora of handy how-to videos. Visit our support page online.


By Starkey Australia