Compare hearing aid styles

Invisible In Canal Hearing Aid IIC
Invisible Products
(IIC )
Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid
Completely in Canal Hearing Aid CIC
Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
In the Canal Hearing Aid ITC
In the Ear Hearing Aid ITE
Available Colors Variety Variety Variety Variety Variety Variety
Wireless Connectivity yes yes yes yes yes yes
Rechargeable Solutions yes
Tinnitus Solutions yes yes yes yes yes yes
Hearing & Activity Tracking yes yes
Single-Sided Hearing yes yes
Technologies Available
Hearing Loss Mild to Moderately Severe Mild to Severe Mild to Moderate Moderate to Severe Mild to Mildly Severe Mild to Severe
Battery Size 10 312 or 13 10 or 312 312 or 13 312 312 or 13