A quick guide to cleaning your hearing aids

Looking after your hearing aids in the right way will actually save you money and time in the long run. Why? Proper care will likely mean fewer trips to your clinic for maintenance and repairs. That means less downtime, and more time doing – and hearing – the things you enjoy. A daily care routine will also increase the overall lifespan of your hearing aids, maximising this important investment in your health. 

The ear is a naturally moist and waxy environment – this means that there will always be a need to carry out some basic cleaning each day. Regularly removing wax and build-up keeps the delicate internal parts of the hearing aid from becoming damaged, while maintaining the health of your ears. 

Things you will need:

  • A soft toothbrush or the soft brush with small pick or loop that came with your device
  • Hearing aid drying box 

Each evening
It might seem natural to clean your hearing aids at night before bed, but it’s actually best to do this in the morning. This allows any earwax residue a chance to harden and dry overnight, making it easier to remove. A hearing aid drying box will help with this process. There are a few different hearing aid dryers on the market depending on your budget and preferences. Your local hearing clinic will stock these.

Open the battery doors on your hearing aids before placing them in the hearing aid dryer.

Make sure your hearing aid dryer is stored somewhere safe and secure from pets and children overnight. Drops or falls can damage your hearing aids, meaning potential pricey repairs!

Each morning
On removing your hearing aids from their drying box, gently brush the receiver and microphone with your toothbrush or manufacturer’s cleaning tool. Make sure you don’t brush the wax further towards or into these parts.

Clean any vent areas with the small pick end of the cleaning tool. 

If your hearing aids have wax guards, check these to see if they need changed. Replace periodically with new, clean wax guards.

You’re ready to pop your hearing aids in and take on the world! 

A few other important tips

  • If you won’t be using your hearing aids for a while, make sure you take out the batteries and place the hearing aids in a storage container somewhere safe.
  • Hearing aids and water don’t mix please don’t shower or swim in yours! If you get unexpectedly caught in a downpour, remove your hearing aids and place them in a drying box to remove any moisture that may have made its way in.
  • Apply hairsprays, body sprays and perfumes before you insert your hearing aids for the day.
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