Live video chat with your hearing health care professional

To help serve you better in our current socially distanced times, we have updated and enhanced the Hearing Care Anywhere feature in our Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio hearing aids.


Hearing Care Anywhere is a remote programming feature that lets you request certain hearing aid adjustments from your hearing care professional even when you’re quarantined at home or can’t go to their practice.


With Hearing Care Anywhere, you can request an adjustment to your hearing aids from the comfort and safety of your own home — or wherever you happen to be. Your hearing care professional can then arrange a live video chat session with you, during which they can adjust your hearing aids in real time, while checking in with you to ensure that the adjustments are working.


Alternatively, if it suits you better then you can use the Thrive Hearing Control app to request minor adjustments from your hearing professional. They can then make and monitor the adjustments remotely via software — ensuring the changes are made to your satisfaction and your hearing aids remain in optimal working condition.

One less thing to worry about

The need to hear your best is vitally important every day, but even more so during challenging times like now. With Livio hearing aids and Hearing Care Anywhere, you can enjoy some added peace of mind knowing you can still get the hearing help you need, even when your hearing professional can’t be by your side.


For more information on how to use Hearing Care Anywhere, please contact your hearing care professional. If you are not currently seeing a hearing care professional, then we can put you in touch with a local specialist.

By Starkey Australia