Getting used to new hearing aids takes time

We’re a society that demands quick results and instant gratification. It’s how we came to have microwave ovens, five-minute abs and Amazon Prime.

But some things require time and patience before they reward you. And not just Penfolds Grange.

Hearing aids, too, take time before you can enjoy their full and many benefits. Yes, you will immediately hear things that you haven’t heard in a long time the moment you first put them on, but slow and steady will definitely be what wins this race.

Remember, hearing your best relies on both your ears and your brain working together to not just hear sounds, but also process and understand what you hear. So while the hearing aids should immediately improve the hearing part, the brain lags a bit at the processing part — more so, the longer you’ve gone without hearing your best.

It’s one reason why experts recommend treating hearing loss earlier rather than later. And why many hearing professionals preach patience and give wearers month-long trial periods.

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By Starkey Australia