Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014

Last year was an exciting one at Starkey Hearing Technologies. Many of you followed along and were featured in posts as we blogged our way through 2014. January is the perfect time to take a look back and to thank our readers! A few of our favorites events included the Hearing Innovation Expo, the debut of Halo Made for iPhone hearing aids and the premiere of Operation Change featuring the Starkey Hearing Foundation. What were yours? Check out our list of the ten most-read Starkey blog posts below:


1.  Introducing Halo - A Made for iPhone Hearing Aid
Halo debuted last March to rave reviews from wearers, hearing care professionals, and the media. Click the title above to take a look at our original announcement and most-read post of 2014.

2.  Simple At-Home Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips
Did you know that more than 60 percent of all hearing aid repairs are caused by wax and foreign material? Following these few simple steps will ensure that your hearing aids avoid repairs and operate optimally for years.

3.  You Say You Can Make A $100 Hearing Aid? Go Ahead!
One of our most frequently asked questions from hearing aid wearers is, “Can you explain the cost of hearing aids?” Ph.D. research audiologist Harvey Abrams walks us through all of the aspects that determine the retail cost of hearing aids.

4.  Should I Purchase My Hearing Aids Online?
Purchasing your hearing aids in person through a hearing healthcare professional will ensure your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your degree and type of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing hearing aids online.

5.  10 Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss
Did you know more than 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss? Unfortunately, the majority of people who need hearing help don’t seek it. Take a look at these 10 startling hearing loss facts.

6.  4 Helpful Tips For Adjusting to Your First Pair of Hearing Aids
It is estimated that there are more than 8.5 million hearing aid wearers in the United States alone. Each faced the same challenge: adjusting to his or her very first set of hearing aids. Keep these tips in mind when you or your loved one is considering your first pair of hearing aids.

7.  The Halo Effect: Molly's Story
Starkey Hearing Technologies product marketing manager Molly, a hearing aid wearer since the age of 3, shares her firsthand account of wearing Halo hearing aids. She says, “Halo is everything I’ve ever dreamed a hearing aid could be. To put it simply, Halo connects me to my world and what’s important to me.”

8.  What You Love About Halo
We asked. You answered. Our Facebook fans and Twitter followers – both hearing aid wearers and hearing care professionals – share their favorite things about Halo Made for iPhone hearing aids. 

9.  3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Hearing Aids
Better hearing is an investment in your health and happiness and people often wear one set of hearing aids for many years. So how do you know when it’s time to trade those comfortable hearing aids in for an upgrade? Discover 3 reasons it might be time for an upgrade.

10. Earbud Discomfort? Suffer No More!
Have you ever experienced ear pain as a result of your uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all headphones? Custom earmolds are designed specifically for the size and shape of your ear can greatly improve comfort and retention. Learn more about the benefits and how you can order a pair of your own! 

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